Custom Animal Headshot (50% deposit)


A 7″x10″ graphite pencil drawing done with the signature Animal Headshot style.
Note: $200 denotes deposit only, based on 50% of $400 headshot drawing quote.
11″x14″ mat with 7″x10″ opening included. Framing and shipping costs extra.


Looking to create a custom animal headshot drawing? It would be my pleasure!

You’ll get from me:
– A few days of my best effort creating your photorealistic graphite pencil drawing.
– The signature headshot style: 7″x10″ drawing planned for a 2″ mat within an 11″x14″ frame (framing extra).
– A signed, dated, and embossed certificate of authenticity.
– Shipping via Canada Post if needed (shipping extra).

I’ll need from you:
– A great reference photo! Nice lighting if available, with the subject looking straight at the camera, if possible.
– $400, with 50% ($250) by deposit. I’m also open to a flexible payment schedule if you might need one to help out.
– Your plans for framing, shipping, and how I can help with either plan, if needed.
– The urge still strong to start this project… if this is the case, send me a photo and we can get started!